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Opening credit sequence for the upcoming series UNDER THE MILKY WAY - Music by Damon Smith & The Quality Lightweights

Over 31 episodes Laura Davis ( hosted some of Australia's funniest comedians across plenty of Melbourne and Victoria's best venues. Free from professionals, master chefs or basically anyone who should be allowed in a kitchen, COMMUNITY KITCHEN features some of Melbourne's best half-arsed gastronomy. Featuring interviews (plus shoddy cooking) from John Safran, Ronny Chieng, Luis (from Lessons with Luis), Geraldine Hickey, Luke McGregor, Dave O'Neil, Randy, Die Roten Punkte, Tegan Higginbotham, Adam Richard, Aunty Donna, Josie Long, Mark Watson and a tonne of others!

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After being asked to film a cousin's wedding, Denny Finch begrudgingly makes his way to the regional Victorian town of Wonthaggi where a mini-bus awaits to transport Denny, his family members, friends, the marriage celebrant and a mysterious stranger to the ceremony in the nearby town of Leongatha. The trip should take no more than an hour or two, however things don't go entirely to plan as mechanical faults, family disagreements, missing children, pesky local "wildlife", unplanned funerals and other unforeseen circumstances stop the bus in its tracks. For Denny and his family, the road to LEONGATHA becomes a very, very long one. Starring Chris Gibson, Sarah Ranken and Bryce Hardy.

GAME NIGHT, where competitive, televised board games have finally reached the pinnacle of sporting success, late-night community television. Hosted by comedians Nicolette Minster and Toby Halligan (and Dave Warneke and Shane Dunlop).

Our very first foray into television, circa 2009, the mockumentary IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S BREE, centred around the lives of sex therapist Bree Browning and her rag-tag bunch of clients. This episode entitled "The Group Consultation" has aged the best we think. Starring Kath Gordon.